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Purchasing blowmoulder

You intent to sell your blow moulding machine?

We gladly assist you in an easy and confidential way. We have many years of experience and a highly effective network to identify solvent and sound customers for your machines and therefore protect your production facilities from examination of potential competitors.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly!

Blowmoulder in Category in need of machines
Sonstige AK 40 - Build year: , Size: 40 Liter, Extruder: , Head: , Stations: 0, Closing force: kN, Available: immediate

Details and Contact
Bekum BM 304D - Build year: 1995, Size: 5 Liter, Extruder: 60...80, Head: not important, Stations: 2, Closing force: kN, Available: asap

Details and Contact