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wideneckcutter | Ref.Nr.:WHS2



Ref.Nr. : WHS2
Build year :
Condition : New

This wideneckcutter developed by UES is a cutting system for canisters with wide necks for revolving off-site cutting at a given cutting site. Usually this result can`t be achieved by the calibrating pin. Another application are canisters, which need a sealing face e.g. for the adhesive bonding of aluminum caps. The wideneckcutter is capable for the cutting of round necks with nearly every diameter. The canisters can be round, oval or angled. Other manufacturers do not offer this opportunity. The wideneckcutter is designed to follow your blowmoulding machine (external). In this case the wideneckcutter can be combined with other parts of the production process (like leak tester, collecting table or scales) by a conveyor. Where appropriate machine integrated solutions are possible as well. Our wideneckcutters are working failure-free and reliable to the complete satisfaction of our customers.